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The   Artist


"There are painters who can sit and paint everything they see around them in great detail.
Then there are painters who can sit in their apartment and paint anything they want in great detail.

Which is the greater artist?
Whether you paint, carve a piece of wood or create music, the one thing ALL art forms have in common is imagination/creativity.
Without it you are not an artist. It's that simple.
In music the only notable amount imagination/creativity is through spontaneous improvisation.
To be able to use a melody like a canvas or a guideline and create a musical journey over the top of it through improvisation.
Without it, you are not a musical artist.... At best, you are a human record player."

Man With One Arm
Autumn Leaves
Rock Fish
Don't Eat The Stem
Just Because
Suck Face
Red Wing
Cows Eat Grass
Mole Head
Silver Bells