I have recently decided to study Classical guitar. After 40 years of performing Jazz Violin I wanted a new challenge.
Guitar was the instrument I was least familiar with and Classical music is a genre I have almost no experience with.

So, Classical guitar seemed to be the logical choice. "Johann Sebastian Bach" a classical composer from the 15th-16th Century has a reputation of having some of the most difficult compositions to play on guitar. So I choose his most challenging compositions and dove in head first. It took me over a year to get where I could play the first piece.
After that one they came more easily and now I am getting the hang of it pretty well.

Where Jazz Violin is all about imagination, spontaneity, creativity, classical guitar is all about precision, discipline, endurance and technical skill.
I am constantly amazed at how playing Classical guitar has influenced my violin playing. It has very much made me a more rounded musician and I have discovered the most advanced, difficult music for a single instrument the World has ever seen.



Bach - Invention 13

Bach - Allegro

Dominico Paradisi - Tocatta

Bach - Prelude BWV 997


Without music that test the limits of our abilities, we can never expand them.