Vinny Ray
is known across the World as a Virtuoso Jazz Violinist and has earned a Masters Degree in Improvisational Theory at The Berklee School of Music. Vinny has toured for decades (including World tours) performing his unique Jazzy Violin Show in countless Theaters and Theme parks throughout the United States such as Disney World, Six Flags, Bush Gardens etc, as well as Elegant Auditoriums in Spain, World renown Fine Dinning Establishments in Italy and Jazz Festivals throughout Europe.
Vinny blends old favorites with Jazzy original compositions to create an Elegant, upscale Violin Show that has entertained hundreds of thousands of fans for decades.


"In the music business the one thing I hear bands say all the time is,

"you got to give the people what they want to hear"

That works fine if your music is a McDonalds and your food sucks anyway. However a great Culinary Artist does not take orders. He cooks whatever he wants and it ALWAYS taste wonderful. It doesn't matter what it is. You pay for the experience of tasting his food, not to make you a cheeseburger with extra onions. The same is true with great musical artists.

Why would anyone settle for something less?"